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    50 Popular Colorful Arm Tattoos for Women

    Arm tattoos for women are now considered feminine, sexy, subtle and bold. Different women do it for different reasons and their tattoos pass a different message; it may be a reminder of an experience, it could represent loss, gain or achievement or it could be a statement of what a particular woman stands for. The reasons and meanings are as varied as the stars, but here are some of the most popular arm tattoos for women and what they stand for. The size and where the tattoo appears on the arm is purely a matter of personal preference though. We have collected more than 50 colorful arm tattoos design ideas,…

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    20+ Awesome Ideas Of Small Colorful Foot Tattoos

    If you know that you want to add ink to your body and you want to put it in a cautious place, the foot is the way you have to go. If you need the idea of ​​a foot tattoo design, try some of these cool suggestions. The foot is a difficult and painful area of ​​the tattoo, but if you find the right artist, you can get something really special that won’t affect your chances of finding a job at any time in the future. Leave an indelible personal symbol or phrase on the skin that only makes people want more, more, more.

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    25 Mini Colorful Ears Tattoos Trend in 2019

    Ear tattoos are the most favorite part of women’s body that highlighted with jewelry and piercing. Why don’t we wear different from these like a tattoo on our ears? I’m totally in! Ear tattoos have been trendy since many celebs showed up classy tiny tattoos on their ears on the media. However, cute ear tattoos look super cool when they are combined with shiny earrings. You definitely try ear tattoo this summer if you’re looking for kinda visible tat. From neon-colored inks to linework tattoo designs, there are so many glamorous tattoo trends that appeal to everyone. Keep reading to know all everything about 25 mini colorful ears tattoo trends in 2019.

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    40+ Sunflowers Tattoos Design Ideas for Women

    The sunflower is unusual as it is painted in various colors and it’s only a half of the flower. It is also known as a happy flower. Since many sunflower tattoos seem realistic in their golden shades, you’re able to observe tattoos that mix many other colors, particularly at the center of the flower. You may want to consider what flowers are in your area before you choose a specific type. It is a very bright and beautiful tattoo design that is adored by the people for its meaningful display and rich details. Sunflower designs are incredibly normal for women. We have collected more than 42 sunflowers tattoos design ideas.…