Rihanna’s Beauty Secrets

As the global makeup artist for Rihanna Fenty’s beauty empire, Priscilla often travels with Rihanna and has given a glimpse of how she keeps the 31-year-old singer ready for the camera after a long flight.

Priscilla told Conde Nast Traveler: “Sometimes when we travel with Rihanna, we land and have to go straight to a media event, and my job is to make sure everyone looks good. I love to use the new Hydrating Foundation for Long Clothes from Fenty Beauty: I know it will have longevity and be very durable, but it also has moisturizing properties that are perfect for dry skin after a flight. ”

Priscilla also praised the versatility of Fenty’s Match Stix makeup sticks, which she always has in her makeup bag.

She said: “I also love Fenty’s Match Stix magnetized makeup sticks because they are versatile, and I like to take versatile items with me, so I don’t have to overwrap. The matte version has the nuances more creamy which I can use for the outline and highlight, as well as a concealer, but the shimmering shades are perfect for blush, eyeshadow or as lipstick. I can pretty much use them for n “I also like to pack the Fenty’s Full-Bodied Brush, which I’m going to use as a blush brush to apply the foundation and the highlighter – you can use different sides of the brush for different areas.”