Fat or Thin, Will the Tattoo on My Body Be Deformed?

The answer is yes
Getting fat and thin will affect the visual effect of tattoos
Prerequisite: Suddenly becoming fat or thin
Skinny tattoos become fat, tattoos will “rise”

A tattoo is through the high-frequency speed of the tattoo machine
Inject pigment into the dermis layer of the skin
Absorbed by the skin and integrated with the skin
Skin changes with changes in the human body
So much fat or thin
Tattoos are naturally affected too

If you have a weight loss or fattening plan
Can rest assured what to do
Normal adults are gaining/decreasing about 20 pounds
No effect on tattoos

Even if it suddenly becomes fat or thin
That deformed is also your muscles
Instead of tattoos
It’s just the visual effect that makes the tattoo “back to the pot”
You change yourself and do n’t require a tattoo change
This requirement is really excessive