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    138 Inspiring Love Quotes to Show the Romance in Your Relationship

    There will be times in your life when you have to choose between being loved and being respected. Always choose to be respected, this disrespectful love was always fleeting – but this respect could become real and lasting love. I wish I could explain your eyes and how the sound of your voice gives me butterflies. How your smile makes my heartbeat and how every time I am with you I feel so full. I look at you and I’m home. I see nothing worse than to be without you because with you my soul feels complete, you are the other half of me and I love you. You are…

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    30 Motivated Quotes For You When You Feel Blue

    Sometimes, your motivation dips low, and all you want to do is postpone your work for the week — just procrastinate. Whether you’re working a full-time job or attending college, your days can get pretty exhausting. The early excitement of starting a brand new job or meeting new classmates dies down and your days become mundane, especially if you’re trying to juggle work and a social life. It’s OK to have these emotions once in a while since you’re only human, but it’s important to know how to pick yourself back up from them.

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    29 Quotes About Strength For Every Difficult Time

    You’re not like other people, and that’s good. Celebrate your fierce independence; don’t stifle it. Having independence is something to be proud of, and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But you probably already know that. In fact, you’re probably already expressing your rather loud opinion on the topic to everyone at your workplace. And maybe your significant other if he or she is being particularly smothering today. You’re sassy, strong and may be told to calm down, reign it in or listen to your bullheaded superiors. You just know you can’t do that. You’re you, and that’s powerful. That’s amazing. That’s right.

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    36 Motivated Quotes To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

    If you have been told such sentences, these beliefs were programmed into your mind so deeply and profoundly, that they built your belief system, the program, and your subconscious mind is now doing everything to fulfill these programmed beliefs. The world is full of endless information, opportunities, knowledge, and chances. These opportunities are there for everyone to use, but your subconscious mind is only showing you the opportunities which are fitting into your belief system.

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    29 Positive Quotes Which Will Brighten Up Your Day

    Sometime we can feel a bit dull in the morning and we need to produce our own sunshine energy. Other times we come downstairs feeling sunny already. Those are great days! Whether you’re feeling a little blue, or you’re fired up ready to have the best day ever… Either way, I think we can all do with a bit more spark to help us perform miracles and live in joy. So here are 29 wonderful, short positive quotes has collected for you. Hope you can get some inspiration from these quotes.

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    Top Quotes About Life

    Top Quotes About Life sayings “I am bent, but not broken. I am scared, but not disfigured. I am sad, but not hopeless. I am tired, but not lifeless. I am afraid, but not powerless. I am angry, but not bitter. I am depressed, but not giving up Life is short, so live it. Love is rare, so grab it. Fear controls you, so face it. Memories are precious, so cherish them. We only get one life, so live it!  

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    20 Motivational & Inspirational Quotes About Life

    For those who were looking for beautiful images of love, with tender phrases and romantic messages to share with a special person, to surprise her and show her how important it is for one, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing like being in love with someone who makes your heart light up. What can be better than texting love quotes which will express your feelings in a better way. Some people are a bit shy to express their love & the quotes are the best way to express their feelings. I assure you if the person loves you truly will get touched after reading your quotes.