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55 +Snowflake Winter Nail Ideas For This Christmas

Normally, when you think of winter and snowflakes, shades of blue come to mind. But these merry manicures prove that any color can be festive. So whether you’re a neutral gal or a hot pink gal, you’re sure to find a snowflake nail design you’ll want to get ASAP.

Combine French tips with a peppermint theme by making the ends red instead of white. This set even features a candy cane ring finger. You know you see this exact design on holiday wrapping paper every year. The metallic navy blue and silver make these nails stand out in a sea of gloss and mattes. Try a more subtle snowflake look while still showing your Christmas spirit. We’d wear these pinky nude nails any time of year.

At Christmas, there are so many things to do so your manicure is often bumped right to the last of the list if it ever gets done at all. IF you are looking for some Christmas green nail art ideas. We have Collected 55 +Snowflake Winter Nail Ideas For This Christmas.