16 Things to Know About Tattoos, How Much Do You Know

1. American researchers believe that more than 80% of women prefer men with tattoos. They think that men with tattoos have more style and personality than other men.

2. If your friend tattoos, your chance of tattooing will increase by 61%

3. More than half of the tattoo artists will feel comfortable because of the pain and screams of guests

4. The longest single tattoo process in the world occurred on July 1, 2015. Fremantle tattoo artist Krzysztof Barnas worked for about 72 hours. During this time, he takes a five-minute break every hour. This tattoo was recorded as the longest tattoo meeting in which a person worked continuously for the entire 72 hours. He donates all his income to charity.

5. If you are not satisfied with your tattoo and want to remove the tattoo, black is the easiest color to remove by laser, but green and yellow are more difficult to remove.

6. The richest tattoo artist in the world is Scott Campbell, who charges $ 1,000 an hour and only works on weekends. Many Hollywood stars have been his customers.

7. Among women with tattoos, 27% said they prefer the ankle area, while 25% chose the upper back.

8. The highest rate of tattoo regret is-the name of the predecessor of the tattoo, accounting for 17% of the regret tattoo.

9. The most popular language for tattoo inspiration is English, followed by the Japanese.

10. 42% of people think that tattoos make people more attractive.

11. The country with the largest proportion of tattoos is New Zealand, which accounts for 50% of the national population.

12. People who are more afraid of pain will become more addicted to tattoos, which is twice as addictive as normal people.

13. A person with a tattoo on the bus giving up a seat will cause panic within the transferee

14. In the unit, nothing reveals the tattoos, and you will find that the cooperation is getting smoother and smoother, the leaders are modest and at the same time friendly.

15. Among people with tattoos, women prefer tattoos to men. According to surveys, women account for 59% of tattoos.

16. The skin will go through thousands of tattoo machine piercings within 1 minute, so when you feel pain, the tattoo machine has actually left the skin.